ANTAPH∑ is a farm extending for 12 Ha, founded in 2000 for the wish of two professionals, husband and wife, willing to regain possession of the traditions of their country.

Their philosophy: matching the strongest Sicilian country memories with the most modern acquisitions concerning agro-food hygiene, in order to obtain products which are genuine as well as remarkable, joining the traditions of taste, naturalness and quality.

The farm sells only what it produces from excellent autochthon varieties grown with respect to century-old traditions and by means of an extremely shrewd choice of no-toxic phytosanitary products.

The main structure of the farm, grown with citrus and olive trees, is located along the Salso riverside, at the feet of the town of Centuripe, where the soil is very fertile, the microclimate is optimal, and above all, it is far from pollution.

Olive groves extend for 3.5 Ha within the PDO territories of “Colline Ennesi” and “Monte Etna”. They are all specialized, well-irrigated, and over 90% grown with the varieties of Nocellara Etnea close to Moresca, Tonda Iblea, Nocellara del Belice, Cerasuala.

Olives are collected still green directly from trees with manual stripping off between the end of October and the beginning of November. They are packed in small plastic boxes, then grinded by continuous process in two phases within 12-24 hours from harvest.

Oil is left to sediment naturally in medium-size stainless-steel containers in an environment that is optimal for its preservation and stored in inert-gas atmosphere.

The modern and flexible management policy of this Company allow us to put into the market fresh products offering the highest level of organolpetical qualities.



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